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What is Divination and How Can You Begin the Journey of Divining for Yourself?

Updated: Feb 25

5 Tips for Embarking on Your Divination Journey

Divination is often associated with fortune-telling or predicting the future, but it is so much more than that. Divination tools include tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, cowrie shells, tea leaves, coffee, smoke, bones, spirit boards, charms, runes, astrology, dream work, palmistry, and more. This ancient practice is used to access hidden knowledge by tapping into the superconscious mind and/or allowing us to communicate with the realm beyond the physical.

Divination is an ancient practice that pre-dates organized religion and can be found in almost all cultures. Unfortunately, the art of divining was once condemned for religious and/or political reasons; although, it is widely known that those in power including members of the church sought out divination. Many Catholic saints were mystics; St. Francis of Assisi was a nature mystic. Jesus was a metaphysical teacher and the Bible is a metaphysical text. Should you decide to research the origins and the condemnation of divination, you may come to the conclusion that this very natural form of connecting to the universe was prohibited and deemed "evil" because of power.

Thankfully, the planet is undergoing a spiritual awakening many of us are being called back to embrace and remember the power we've always had. Yes, there's still propaganda about the evils of divination and it is still prohibited in some countries today. But, there is also more information than ever, more freedom, and more opportunities to reclaim what has always been ours. So where do you start? Read on below for simple and sustainable tips to help you embark on your divination journey.

5 Tips for Embarking on Your Divination Journey.

Know thyself- Learn to be present with yourself by listening to your body and your inner voice. How does your body communicate its feelings to you? Does a stomach ache mean you are nervous, angry, or scared? What does your inner voice sound like? The more you know and understand the way you operate, the clearer it will be to learn to trust your intuition. Grounding practices like going out in nature, eating unprocessed foods, and movement are wonderful ways to connect with yourself. Engaging in self-love rituals is also a beautiful way of nurturing the relationship you have with yourself.

Meditate- Although meditation can take many forms. Sitting in stillness is powerful when preparing to embark on your divination journey. If the thought of sitting or laying in stillness gives you anxiety, start small. Begin with just 1 minute per day and work your way up to the amount of time you find is most effective. YouTube has an infinite amount of meditations, guided and unguided. If you prefer guided meditation, Great Meditation has amazing short meditations that can help you connect with your higher self.

Write it down- Journaling is a fundamental part of your divination journey. After your meditation, give yourself a few moments to write down any sensations, images, symbols, or messages that may have come through during your meditation. You don't have to journal after every meditation unless you want to make it part of your routine. However, it would help if you documented significant events. In my shop, I have a beautifully simple spiral journal, perfect for travel or keeping on your nightstand. If you love writing, the Pukka Pads composition books are excellent.

Choose your divination tool- As stated earlier, there are a plethora of divination tools to choose from. You may choose to work with the tools your ancestors used or what calls to you. When working with my clients, unless they've already begun their divination journey with something else, I will always recommend starting with Oracle cards. Oracle cards are a great entry point to the world of divination tools.

The difference between oracle and tarot is that tarot has a very specific system, while oracle is broader and unrestricted. For this reason, Oracle is easier to learn. There are 2 amazing oracle decks in the Beija-flor Metaphysical Wellness Boutique. Magick and Mediums is a great deck for beginners and those looking to dive into mediumship. The Divine Codes Oracle is a lovely deck that attunes to your energy to give the message you need. If you prefer going the Tarot route, the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is a wonderful first deck. I found Rachel Pollack's book, 78 Degrees of Wisdom extremely helpful in learning about the history and symbolism of the Tarot.

Divine for yourself- Make divining for yourself part of your spiritual routine. You can pull a card each day or do a 3 card spread once a week. For example, I will do a 3-card spread every Sunday or Monday.

Grab your Celestial Travel Journal or one of your Pukka Pad composition books and find a quiet space. Connect with yourself and set your intention by asking that the message you receive be for your highest and best good. It can be as simple as, "I ask my guardian angel (or spirit guide, higher self, universe, source, etc.) to please tell me what I need to know today."Take a deep breath, shuffle your cards how you see fit, and pull a card. Take time to reflect/meditate on the card's message and write down the date, the deck you used (if you have more than one deck), the message, and your interpretation/analysis.

Remember that, embarking on your divination journey is just as much about self-discovery as it is about reclaiming your power and reconnecting to your intuition.

If you're like most people just getting started, you still need some clarification or someone who can answer your divination questions. I currently offer 1 hour, 1:1 live, spiritual mentorship sessions for just $50.00. Book your session today! If you have any questions about what a spiritual mentorship session entails, please feel free to email me at

Blessed be and Aché


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