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Of Forest and Fae's Rue Water is  a powerful and versatile tool for those seeking protection, hex breaking, and good luck. Rue, also known as Witchbane, Mother of Herbs or Ruda, has been used in various cultures for centuries for its potent properties. This Rue Water has been carefully crafted using the highest quality rue and charged for a full lunar cycle to enhance its energy. Use it to cleanse your space or yourself of negative energy, ward off negative influences,  and good fortune. Simply spray it lightly and let the magic of rue work its wonders.


Rue Water for Protection, Hex Breaking and Good Luck

SKU: 36523641234523
  • 2 fl oz bottle

    *You may occasionally notice a tiny amount of sediment in the bottom of the bottle. This is normal and due to the herbs used in the rue water.

    Of Fprest and Fae's products are intentionally & thoughtfully created as tools to inspire those who are on a witchcraft or spiritual journey and can be used during rituals, spells, manifestation, prayer, ceremony or daily devotion.

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