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Beijaflor Spirit Metaphysical Wellness Coaching

As a metaphysical wellness consultant, I understand that true well-being means aligning all aspects of your life – mind, body, and spirit. My approach integrates divination, positive psychology, and spiritual practices to help you recognize patterns and beliefs that may hold you back, and create a roadmap to a happier, more conscious life. Whether you are looking to deepen your spiritual practice, overcome negative thought patterns, or simply find more balance, I am here to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Beijaflor Metaphysical Wellness Coaching unique?

A: My coaching is unique because it combines the principles of metaphysics with practical tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals. I take a holistic approach to wellness, recognizing that the mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected. 

Q: How do you align divination and psychology?

A: Psychologist Carl Jung, talked described tarot as a "tool for personal storytelling, personal growth and the development of the self." In some aspects, divination is about "accessing the subconscious mind to generate intuitive knowing in your conscious mind." During our sessions, I leverage my degree in education and knowledge of psychology and divination practices to help clients work toward their goals and take control of their existence.

Q: Will you predict my future?

A: No. I created this space for people who want to go beyond the superficial use of divination tools. For this reason, I do not do love readings unless it is related to self-love. I also will not do third-party (someone other than the querent) consultations as it is unethical to tap into someone's energy without permission.

Q: How do your sessions work?

A: Choose your session, pay, and select the date and time. You will receive a Zoom link for our 1:1 live session. Each session is about 1 hour.

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