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A Guide for Including Rue Plant in Your Spiritual Life

Rue is a versatile herb with medicinal, magickal, and culinary uses. In this guide, we will explore the origins of rue, its symbolism, benefits, and uses.

Rue plant with rays of sunshine illiminating the plant
Ruta Graveolens Plant

Origins of the Rue Plant

Rue (Ruta Graveolens), or Ruda in Spanish and Ruta in Italian is a powerful and multifaceted herb and plant, with a long history of culinary, medicinal, and magickal uses that can be traced to the Middle Ages. It is a perennial, meaning it regenerates throughout the year. With its bitter green leaves and yellow flowers, the "herb-of-grace" is native to the Balkan Peninsula and is now grown throughout the world.

A Google search of the symbolism of the Rue plant will say that it means "regret or repentance". One look at its magickal properties proves the contrary.

Mystical Properties of the Rue Plant

Protection against evil eye, curses, and hexes.

Absorbs negative energy.

Calls in luck and prosperity

Keeps away sickness

Enhances intuition

If you're reading this, chances are you're curious about Rue's magickal and spiritual properties. Once referred to as Witch Bane, Rue was hung on doors and windows to keep witches out. Ironically, I've only known it to be an herb that witches used. In Lucumí (Santeria), we use it for spiritual baths for health, good luck, or breaking curses and hexes. It's also one of the ingredients in Four Thieves Vinegar, dating back to the plagues when thieves would wash their hands with this vinegar to keep away illness. Not only does the #Rue Plant keep away sickness, but it has also been written that Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo used the Rue plant to "improve their eyesight and their artistic vision".

Similar to Ritual Black Salt for Protection, Rue is a versatile herb that can be easily incorporated into your spiritual practice. It can be used fresh, dried, as water, or dried and ground for incense. Please be aware that this herb can cause dermatitis and is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE BY PREGNANT AND NURSING WOMEN. Read on to find the many ways you can incorporate Rue into your spiritual practice.

Herbs in 3  small glass bottles with cork top
Uses for Rue Plant

Ways to Incorporate Rue into Your Spiritual Life

  1. Grow some Rue in your garden.

  2. Add it to your sachet or mojo bag to keep away illness.

  3. Infuse it to make a water (just like tea) and use it to spray your doors, home, etc for protection.

  4. Add it to your floor wash to clear out negativity or call in good luck.

  5. Use it for a spiritual bath to break curses or any baneful magick.

  6. Use dried herbs as incense to enhance intuition, call in good luck and prosperity, or banish negative energy.

Where to find Rue

Original Botanica has an amazing website and also sells dried Rue and floor washes. I have not been to this Botanica or ordered from them, but I have heard wonderful things about them. They also sometimes go live on their Instagram account. In my shoppe, I have a wonderful Rue Water that I have used and can attest to its benefits. You may also purchase Rue seeds and grow them on your own. Anyway you decide to use it, Rue is sure to become a staple in your spiritual life.

If you would like additional support in your spiritual practice, book a session with me today! I'd be honored to work with you!


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