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Why Your Spells Won't Always Work

Updated: Feb 25

A woman's hand holding 3 small spell jars with lavender and herbs

What a great time to be alive! The Age of Aquarius brings us a spiritual awakening with a side of technological advancements and because I'm both an educator and a spiritual life coach, I truly enjoy the intersectionality of science and spirituality, especially as it relates to our life's journey and personal empowerment and development.

As we awaken to the god and goddess within us all, we may be called to spellwork, candle magick, rootwork, etc. For me, spellwork is sending a message to the energetic field or a form of energy manipulation and alignment. Through a series of incantations accompanied by herbs, oils, water, smoke, etc. perhaps executed on a particular day and time, we petition the unseen forces. Need a new job? Are you looking for your special person? Want to get rid of a pesky neighbor? Countless witches and practitioners are sharing their spells and rituals on social media. But what happens when you try out the spell you found online or in a book and it doesn’t work? Do you blame the person who shared it? Do you blame yourself? Do you blame Magick altogether and call it “satanic” simply because it didn’t work for you? Truth is, there could be a few reasons why a spell didn't work and it's no one's fault in particular because spellwork and magick is both an art and a science.

What is Science?

The Science Council defines science as “the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.” defines it as “(knowledge from) the careful study of the structure and behavior of the physical world, especially by watching, measuring, and doing experiments…” The goal of all the sciences is to provide a concrete explanation of how the world works. The sciences aim to make predictions with cause and effect at the core of all experimentation. If the temperature drops, then water will change state from liquid to solid.

What is Magick?

Magic is defined as, "The use of ritual activities or observances which are intended to influence the course of events or to manipulate the natural world..." Now let's look at the definition of Magick from Witchyhq "Magick," on the other hand, is a term that is often used to refer to a more spiritual or metaphysical form of magic. Magick is typically seen as a way of accessing and manipulating unseen forces or energies to bring about desired changes in the world. Magick may involve the use of ritual, symbolism, and other techniques to harness and direct these energies, and is often seen as a way of aligning oneself with the natural rhythms and patterns of the universe."

Is it Science or Magick?

Whereas science says, "I can explain how the world works with evidence to support my claims." Magick says, " And I will show you that your "evidence" is not an absolute truth and can be altered." Magick reaches a step further because it harnesses the knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world and brings it into the spiritual realm or the realm beyond what is perceivable by the 5 senses. Much like the scientist, the witch or practitioner has also developed a series of processes (systematic methodology) that yield a certain result (evidence).

In that vein, experiments, like spells should be replicable, right? In a blogpost called, Understanding Science 101 on,” The desire for replicability is part of the reason that scientific papers almost always include a methods section, which describes exactly how the researchers performed the study. That information allows other scientists to replicate the study and to evaluate its quality, helping ensure that occasional cases of fraud or sloppy scientific work are weeded out and corrected.”

So now, what happens when you try a spell and it doesn’t work? There’s a lot that goes into repeating or creating a spell. Which is why sometimes, we must think like a scientist. We need to look at the conditions under which the spell was done. We also have to understand, what modern science is finally admitting. The scientist/observer has an effect that plays a role in the outcome. “ The observer effect is the fact that observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes it.“ To me, this is an indication that our energetic fields play a role in both science and magic.

If I replicated a chemistry experiment, but I was nervous and my hands were trembling, I argued with someone prior, substituted glass for plastic, or the temperature was not correct. I may not yield the same results. The same applies to spellwork. If I want to replicate a spell for getting rid of my pesky neighbor and 6 months later the situation with my neighbor has only gotten worse, who’s to blame? Instead of immediately commenting or emailing the practitioner to inform them that they know absolutely nothing about magic because the spell didn’t work or renouncing your divine connection because only a "Sky Daddy or Satan" can perform such feats, We should think like a scientist and take into account a few things.

  1. Did I follow the steps exactly-no substitutions?

  2. Did I dispose of the ingredients correctly to close out the spell?

  3. Was I in the right frame of mind at the time of the spell?

  4. Was I emotionally stable at the time of the spell?

  5. Was I afraid or angry at the time of the spell?

  6. Is my energy aligned with this type of magick?

  7. Do my ancestors or spirit guides and protectors want me to practice this type of magick?

I know this feels like we are blaming ourselves. But we’re not, we're simply taking accountability. Is it possible that the person from whom you got the spell shared something they knew nothing about? Yes. Could it be that perhaps your spirit guides and ancestors did not want you to work with this type of spell work? Yes. Could it be that somehow, you messed up? Sure. What we must always come back to is that magic is both an art and a science. If it didn’t work, be still, analyze your results, and check in with your spirit guides/ancestors. Perhaps your spirit team wants you to confront your neighbor face to face so that you learn how to speak up for yourself and that's the magick. They want to show you that they have your back.

Ultimately, yes, there may be ideal conditions and ingredients, but remember that magick evolves. Remember that your magick is not going to be the same as others. We are each walking a different path. In the end, you have to trust in your magick and your connection with the divine.

If you are seeking support or guidance on your spiritual journey, book a session with me today! I'd be honored to help you guide you!

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